Men's Ministry

The theme verse for our men is Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  Each of the following elements of our Men's Ministry has that verse at its core.  Our men have a number of mission trips and local mission projects each year.  There are several aspects of ministry for our men ... here are a few:

Men's Adventure (MA)

This is a "band of brothers" who meet Sundays at 7:30am & Wednesdays at 5:45pm each week in Room 103; so choose the time that is best for you and jump in and become one of us. If you have questions, please contact Charles Williford at

God placed many deep desires within a man’s heart.  The world and religion will try to tame the man and kill those desires.  Jesus came to heal our hearts and to set us free to live powerfully and passionately out of our God-given desires.  The book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge has helped many men recover their masculine heart and to come alive.  And that is what the world needs: Men who have come alive. That is why Men’s Adventure (MA) exists, and that is why we are studying Wild at Heart this fall. This powerful new series will run each week through December.  So, if you are looking for new passion and power in your life, then make your plans to participate in Men’s Adventure on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. 


"Our purpose is to help men become the strong leaders that God has intended for us to be. We are experiencing God’s strength as we admit our weaknesses, using our past to open up our future, enabling us to have a closer walk with each other and with God. We meet at other times for worship and teaching; however these regular gatherings are to talk, to assist each other in a common journey. We are able to share in our brokenness, receive healing and restoration in a true room of Grace. Our mission is to help disciple men to find their true purpose and calling, to experience the freedom and fullness in life that Jesus Christ has promised us all, to find our true heart. In addition to our weekly meetings we hold quarterly “Iron 2 Iron” Retreats, host an annual “Men’s Great Adventure” and lead an annual mission trip to help build an even stronger sense of community among men."


Men's Fellowship Night

Ridgecrest's Men's Adventure have a Men's Fellowship Night from time to time.  Check this website for the next one.

Helping Hands

In our church and our community there are many instances when our senior adults or single moms need practical help such as minor home repairs or maintenance.  As these needs come to our church's attention, Helping Hands contacts all who have volunteered to help to see who is available to meet that particular need.  If you would like to be on this list as a volunteer, or would like more information on Helping Hands, you can email Kathy Keeton at

For any other questions about how to get more involved, contact our church office at 601-853-1090, or click here to email us.